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The Shuteye Children’s Sleep Clinic

There is such a lot of information out there on sleep for children, which at times can appear confusing.

At The Shuteye Sleep Clinic, expert staff will support you with your personalised sleeping plan that is designed with the focus on you and your baby’s sleep needs.

We help you with our gentle step-by-step approach to help your child to sleep.
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Bedtime routine.
We now have a range of videos featuring our very own Shuteye sleep clinic experts available on our all about sleep page. Here you will find lots of helpful tips on everything sleep related.

Here at The Shuteye Sleep Clinic, we help you lovingly teach your child to sleep.

Shuteye sleep tips

We all wake many times per night during light stages of the sleep cycle, it’s just we as adults are sometimes are not aware of it. With your child’s sleep, if you are having difficulties, we can provide support, advice and guidance to you, to help you understand your child’s sleep patterns and guide you in the direction that will result in sleep that is appropriate for your child’s age.
We all need time to wind down before bed, and babies are no different. They also need to relax, a bedtime routine spending time with your child helps them get into a relaxation mode before they go to sleep.

The Shuteye Sleep Clinic are based in Devon, we cover the whole of the UK and beyond.

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The Shuteye Sleep Clinic are proud to be members of The British Sleep Society.